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Tired of the TO DO Lists?

The Great Grind:   If you're anything like me, your life is filled to overflowing with the necessities and then some!  I'm sure you have a life filled with the daily grind of shopping, cooking, cleaning, working, going to the Doctor, going to the bank, running to the pharmacy, taking care of the sick pet, thinking of meals for the upcoming week, taking care of the children, and if you home school your children - lesson planning, grading, teaching, gathering material and then there's paying the bills, cutting coupons to save money, and oh yes, the beloved laundry!  And the defining moment when you realize you do not have any clean underwear for the next morning...ugh.   The Great Grind photo credit: Informedmag writing business plans - Credit to via photopin (license) The Great Loss:   So, I highlighted some things that are probably common to most of us in the daily grind but there is one VERY important piece I failed to mention.  Our relation
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3 FREE Resources from BibleGateway!

Sharing with you some wonderful FREE resources for your continued growth in Christ.  His Princess Every Day is a devotional geared toward women written by Sheri Rose Shepherd.  Check it out and see if the Lord would use this to speak to your heart. Women's Devotional photo credit: dorisgoebel  Versehentlich gelöscht Hibiscus  via  photopin   (license) So here it is, we are in 2018!  Did you want to read more of the Bible this year but didn't know where to start?  Check out and click on the link below to review various reading plans.  Choose the plan that best fits where you are and where you want to be! Bible Reading Plans                                                                                                                              photo credit: The Mr and The Mrs  Possess the Land  via  photopin   (license) And...last but not least we have Deal of the Day! Deal of the Day photo credit: ricardopardie123  ⚡⚡Lightni

What Does Your "Busyometer" Read?

" And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers. "  Acts 2:42 (KJV) What does your Busyometer Read? photo credit: Mr Moss  Moved Fast, Broke Things  via  photopin   (license) Life can get very busy and the speed at which we function can quickly accelerate to one where we feel we have completely lost control.  We need to slam on the brakes!  How do we stop the proverbial hamster wheel and come up for air? Recognize the Posted Speed Limit.  We must recognize the speed to which we have been called.  And yes, there are times in our lives when the speed seems incredibly fast and we cannot slow down; the truth is, some seasons in life are like that.  However, there are other times in our lives when we must eliminate those activities that were not put upon us by God, but rather our own doing for myriad reasons. photo credit: chadelliott2012  Speed Limit Sign  via  photopin   (licens

5 Tips for Keeping Those New Year's Resolutions!

The Hunt.   Have you already started pondering those New Year's Resolutions?  How many resolutions have you kept over the years?  Maybe you have made a resolution to keep your resolutions!  We hope and desire change, generally for good things, and we often find ourselves disappointed at the outcome.  If you want to be the type of person who keeps their New Year's resolutions and has positive change occur in your life, consider the following tips as you approach 2018. The Thrill of Victory photo credit: Dushan and Miae Victory Forever via photopin (license) The Perspective.  If we want to be successful in our hunt for the resolutions we desire we must maintain the proper perspective.  Here are five tips to get us all going for the New Year. P ray.  First, as followers of Christ, we need to align our thinking to His and that includes the goals/resolutions we set for ourselves.  Is the resolution we are considering something that the Lord wants for us in 2

Finding God: A Helpful Response

The Pressing Question:      Where is God in all of this?   Why did God not act the way we expected He would? Have you ever wondered where God was and why He chose to act or rather not to act in the way you expected?   Where is God? photo credit: Go-tea 郭天 Beyond the horizon  via  photopin   (license)    The Honest Dialogue:    Maybe you, like Job, have had similar conversations with the Lord.  Here is what Job had to say, " I cry out to you,   God, but you do not answer;    I stand up, but you merely look at me.   You turn on me ruthlessly;    with the might of your hand  you attack me.   You snatch me up and drive me before the wind;      you toss me about in the storm.   I know you will bring me down to death,    to the place appointed for all the living. "  Job 30:20-23   Sometimes we may feel as if God is choosing to ignore our cries for help and for His intervention in horrible circumstances.  In fact, we may even feel that God is the cause of our trials.  God

Coming May 1st!!

Godly Submission in the Life of the Believer Coming May 1, 2015!  Go to  photo credit: McDevotional via photopin (license) to get your copy for your personal study or small group!

Something New!

Dear Subscribers and Readers, The Lord has burdened my heart and a new ministry has begun. Yes, the Blessed Quietness blog will continue. In the meantime, check out Blessed Quietness Ministries  (ministry to women)  and " Like " our Facebook page!  Blessings, Jennifer Joy

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