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3 FREE Resources from BibleGateway!

Sharing with you some wonderful FREE resources for your continued growth in Christ.  His Princess Every Day is a devotional geared toward women written by Sheri Rose Shepherd.  Check it out and see if the Lord would use this to speak to your heart. Women's Devotional So here it is, we are in 2018!  Did you want to read more of the Bible this year but didn't know where to start?  Check out and click on the link below to review various reading plans.  Choose the plan that best fits where you are and where you want to be! Bible Reading Plans                                                                           photo credit: The Mr and The Mrs Possess the Land via photopin(license)
And...last but not least we have Deal of the Day! Deal of the Day photo credit: ricardopardie123 ⚡⚡Lightning⚡⚡ via photopin(license)
And finally, we have our third resource from BibleGateway -- Deal of the Day.  BibleGateway offers many "specials" from time to time.  Deal o…

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