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Tired of the TO DO Lists?

The Great Grind:  If you're anything like me, your life is filled to overflowing with the necessities and then some!  I'm sure you have a life filled with the daily grind of shopping, cooking, cleaning, working, going to the Doctor, going to the bank, running to the pharmacy, taking care of the sick pet, thinking of meals for the upcoming week, taking care of the children, and if you home school your children - lesson planning, grading, teaching, gathering material and then there's paying the bills, cutting coupons to save money, and oh yes, the beloved laundry!  And the defining moment when you realize you do not have any clean underwear for the next morning...ugh.  

The Great Grind

The Great Loss:  So, I highlighted some things that are probably common to most of us in the daily grind but there is one VERY important piece I failed to mention.  Our relationship with the Lord is of utmost importance but when we are pressed by our circumstances, we sometimes lose sight of that relationship and our time in the Word and in prayer suffer.  This is not a time for guilt.  There are seasons in life when we will not have as much time in the Word and our prayers may look different.  

So, how do we keep our relationship with the Lord paramount at all times in our lives when the pressures of life seem all-consuming?

You're Invited!
photo credit: Dave Pearce (London) Invitation via photopin (license)

The Great Invitation:  The Lord invites us into relationship with Him.  If you are a woman and long to have a closer relationship with the Lord but feel like you cannot even hold your own head up at times, I invite you to join Drawing From the Well Facebook Group and participate in our upcoming SKYPE sessions on Janet Pope's book, "His Word in My Heart." We will be supporting each other in our walks with Christ.  

Join other Women for a grace-filled time of Encouragement!


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